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Oracle Data Pump Parameters

Oracle Data Pump Parameters a go-go.

Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 6 – Build OEM Cloud Control Server.

Now that the basic building blocks of the Oracle Database infrastructure are in place, it’s time to start building out the servers themselves. A management console helps enormously with the administration and maintenance of servers and that’s what we’re going to build first. Although hardly the last word in ease of use, intuitive interface design …

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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 5 – Create VMs.

With the hard work of configuring the OVM Server behind us, we can move onto the relatively simple task of creating VMs. Just as with a physical computer, a virtual computer is made up of various resources. These include CPU, memory, disk, network interfaces and an operating system. The trick here is to decide how …

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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 4 – Configure Oracle VM Server.

Configuring Oracle VM Server using Oracle VM Manager can be a little tricky.However, once you know just a handful of concepts and some terminology, you’ll wonder what the fuss was all about.In Part 4, we’ll show you the steps to configure OVM Server in readiness to create VMs. Part of the reason Oracle VM is …

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