January 2016 archive

Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 9 – Build Shared Storage Server.

The last major hurdle we need to overcome before installing some Oracle software and building a RAC database is to configure shared storage. Shared storage is the key to making Oracle RAC work. The same storage concurrently visible to and updatable from multiple servers really is the heart of the system. Enterprise class dedicated SAN …

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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 8 – SSH, DNS & CVU.

It’s acronym time boys and girls! Before we get to the fun part of configuring the shared storage in Part 9, we need setup a few more slightly less fun items. Secure Shell or SSH and Domain Name System or DNS. After that we take the thrill ride of running the Cluster Verification Utility or …

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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 7 – Build Oracle RAC Servers.

Now it’s time to start the process of building our first Oracle RAC system. To do that, we will need two Oracle Database 12c server nodes running Oracle Linux.This installment shows how to build that rather efficiently using a cool capability of Oracle VM. Quick links to all the tasks: Task #1: Install Oracle Linux on …

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