NuDais Consulting LLC

A small consulting firm specializing in Oracle Database technology, owned and operated by Sean Francis.


I am a dedicated, hands on, goals orientated and just-get-it-done Database Administration Professional. Oracle DBA work is my specialty, though I’ve worked with several other database platforms including SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase and others. Solving problems, figuring it out, improving the infrastructure and making the databases more effective is what I enjoy doing.

My skills, knowledge and experience have been acquired through working with multiple database versions, on multiple platforms and across many different industries. I have also enjoyed the privilege of leading DBA Teams and presenting Oracle training classes. I am a strong proponent of standardization, automation and compliance, supplemented by repeatable processes and detailed documentation. In other words, doing it properly!

My career success is based upon being professional, curious, resilient and diligently maintaining my technical currency through training, research, practice and industry certifications. I am especially motivated by a challenge and enjoy sharing knowledge through collaboration and leading by example. I am comfortable conversing with both my peers and senior level management.

If you have some database challenges and feel I may be the right person to help you, please get in touch here.

A Brief Professional History.


After graduating with an Honors Degree in Computer Science from De Montfort University (Leicester, UK), I initially started out as a programmer. Yikes!

My second job out of college was an Information Center Analyst which involved general IT infrastructure support. Within a year, I  was chosen to support my then employer’s Business Process Re-engineering project, which was undertaken by consultants from Oracle Corporation UK. The role required extensive knowledge of the Oracle Database and the Oracle CASE tools, neither of which I had at the time. Over the next several months I was sent on multiple Oracle training courses and thus, an Oracle career was born. What a lucky break!

Since then my DBA career has been quite varied. I have worked as both a full time staff DBA and as a DBA consultant for companies across the US and UK. I ran my own consulting company in the UK for a few years. It was through working for myself that I had the opportunity to work for one of my clients directly in the US. I have lived and worked in America ever since and subsequently resurrected my UK company name as an American LLC.

Some of the companies I have either worked for or consulted at over the years include:

  • IBM
  • Europcar
  • Schlumberger
  • Deutsche Bank
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Target Corporation
  • Apache Corporation
  • Allianz Cornhill Insurance
  • Intel Professional Services
  • Adams Resources & Energy

My Oracle Database experience ranges from Oracle Version 6 up to and including Oracle Database 19c. I have also worked on practically every platform Oracle has ever supported. I am a long time supporter of Oracle Database Administration Certification. I hold Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA credentials for Oracle Database 12c and all prior Oracle Database versions back to Oracle7.3 inclusive. I am deeply committed to my specialty. If you mention the word database you’ll usually have my attention.

What’s In a Name?

I get asked this all the time, so it probably wasn’t a stroke of marketing genius to call my company something people aren’t sure how to pronounce. That said, this is my little corner of the Oracle internet universe so I’ll call my company what I like! 😀

NuDais is pronounced “new-dey-is”. So not that tricky. The name reflects my other passion in life, music. 🎵

Cars - A Timeless Classic

Cars: A Timeless Classic

“Nu” comes from the musical genius the world knows as Gary Numan.

Many will only know of Numan through his massive worldwide 1979 hit single, Cars.

However, there’s so much more to his innovative, pioneering and influential career which is still going strong. His 2017 album Savage (Songs From A Broken World) reached #1 in the official UK indie album chart and #2 in the official UK album chart. I’ve seen him play live over 100 times!

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns: Epic

“Dais” comes from the lyrics of a song called Chessboards by my favorite band, Killing Joke. It means ‘a raised platform’ and has an unusual spelling which I quite like. The song is taken from their 1986 album, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, which is absolutely epic!

Killing Joke continue to be a massive influence on the music industry and have also enjoyed a prolonged career of excellence. I too have seen them play live many times. Their 2015 album Pylon was just brilliant.

Both these artists are incredibly talented, pioneering and influential. If you like your music edgy, dark and intense, check ’em out. You’re welcome!