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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 7 – Build Oracle RAC Servers.

Now it’s time to start the process of building our first Oracle RAC system. To do that, we will need two Oracle Database 12c server nodes running Oracle Linux.This installment shows how to build that rather efficiently using a cool capability of Oracle VM. Quick links to all the tasks: Task #1: Install Oracle Linux on …

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Build Your Own Oracle Infrastructure: Part 6 – Build OEM Cloud Control Server.

Now that the basic building blocks of the Oracle Database infrastructure are in place, it’s time to start building out the servers themselves. A management console helps enormously with the administration and maintenance of servers and that’s what we’re going to build first. Although hardly the last word in ease of use, intuitive interface design …

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Oracle Linux Tips

A modest collection of Linux commands, procedures and shortcuts useful for Oracle DBAs. Applicable to the Oracle Linux version as noted.   Quick links to all the tips: Boot Kernel Order – Change. Disk Usage Sorted by Size. Ethernet Port Down/Non-operational – Start. File System with Minimal Superuser Overhead – Create. Hardware Information – Display. …

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